Transform materials in organic shapes

The goal is to challenge industries to innovate and experiment with new technologies, new production methods and to create unique pieces never before produced. Create disobeying and intellectual order, where lines and colors should gush in the same state of purity. Reality is deformed for the purpose of producing visual sensations in the client, offered by the nature and movement of form, function, and aesthetics, impelling experimentation rather than exhaustive preparatory studies.



Mirror Mine

Mother Mine

Ana Fatia – Creative Director & Designer

Considered one of the 150 most promising and talented designers of the world by the Salone Satellite during Milan’s Design Week and at “Now! Le off!” at the Paris Design Week. When Milano – Salone Satellite organized an exhibition celebrating twenty years of creativity, Ana was one of the few to be selected to participate. As a stratospheric and industrial designer, she lives and breathes raw materials.